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When you break down, don’t break the bank!

Are you sick of paying expensive roadside assistance fees from large providers? Don’t worry, we have an affordable and reliable solution.

At Daley Motors we provide cheap roadside assistance that won’t break the bank and will give you peace of mind!

We have a range of different roadside assistance covers, suiting any individual circumstance.

Why Do You Need Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a valuable service that provides peace of mind for drivers. Here are some reasons why you need roadside assistance:

1. Safety: Roadside assistance provides a safety net for drivers who may encounter unexpected problems on the road. It can help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

2. Convenience: With roadside assistance, you don't have to worry about finding a tow truck or repair shop on your own. The service will take care of everything for you.

3. Saves you Money: Roadside assistance can save you money in the long run by providing services that instantly fix and cover potential issues. Without Roadside Assistance you may need to cover accrued costs instantly and at full cost.

Don’t pay too much at certain other providers, consider this!

Roadside Assistance Enquiry

What Roadside Assistance Option are you interested in?

Reduced pricing for multi-year policies!

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time and having reliable roadside assistance coverage is crucial for peace of mind while on the road. At Daley Motors, we are committed to providing the best roadside assistance options to our valued customers. That's why we offer reduced pricing for those who purchase our 3-year and 5-year roadside assistance plans.

Our offer is designed to provide you with even more savings, making it easier than ever to stay protected and prepared for unexpected situations. Know what you pay and protect yourself against future price rises!

Don't wait until you're faced with an emergency on the road. Take advantage of our special offer and purchase our 3-year or 5-year roadside assistance plans today to enjoy reduced pricing and unmatched protection. Contact us today on 08 9390 9999 to learn more or please fill in the form above to get started!

Our 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Packages

There’s nothing worse than breaking down. What do you do if you breakdown? Don’t worry, our Roadside Assistance cover options can take care of everything!

Enjoy peace of mind with our cheap and comprehensive Roadside Assistance.

Our General Cover Option includes:

yes Flat Battery - Jumpstart of Your Car.

yes Flat Tyre - Replace your flat tyre with spare tyre.

yes Out of Fuel - 5 Litres of unleaded fuel supplied to get you back on the road. LPG/Diesel Motor Vehicles transported to closest fuel supply. *5 litres of fuel is to be paid by the driver.

yes Lock Outs – Locked out of your car? Don’t worry! Our cover includes access to the Motor Vehicle and if needed replace key. *cap of $77 per claim for key replacement.

yes Towing/Breakdown Standard Tow Cover - Our cover includes free metropolitan towing up to 20km and 50km Free Rural Towing. If Your Vehicle cannot be mechanically repaired or safely driven due to a failure, yourself and the Motor Vehicle will be driven to a place of safety, nominated service centre or mechanical repair facility.

yes General Assistance Options – Cover includes issuing of urgent messages and arrangement of alternative transport to your chosen destination.

Our Extra's Cover Option includes:

yes Towing/Breakdown Platinum Extra Tow Cover - 50km Free Service Radius - If Your Vehicle cannot be quickly mechanically repaired or safely driven, yourself, and the Motor Vehicle, will be transported to a nominated service centre or mechanic facility. If your breakdown occurs outside the hours of 9am to 5pm, we can make arrangements to store the Motor Vehicle and transport when the service centre or repair facility is open.

yes Car Hire: Our Extra's cover includes assistance with Car rental costs.

yes Accommodation: The Extra's cover includes assistance with emergency accommodation.

yes Ambulance Cover: Assistance with Ambulance Fees if required.

Compare Roadside Assistance

What does roadside assistance cost? At Daley Motors we are proud to offer cheap roadside assistance to meet all budgets.

See how our option compares to “certain other” providers.

Inclusions AWN General
*max of 280 km odometer reading and car no more than 20 years of age
AWN Extras
*max of 280 km odometer reading and car no more than 10 years of age
Comparable Roadside Assistance Product - Classic
Comparable Roadside Assistance Product - Ultimate
Flat Battery - Jump Start yes yes yes yes
Flat tyre - replace with spare yes yes yes yes
Out of fuel - Supply 5L to be paid by Driver yes yes yes yes
Lock Outs Access Car/replace key (up to $77/case) Access Car                                                                                 Access Car                              Access Car
Towing (breakdown) - Metro 20km 20km 100km 100km
Towing (breakdown) - Rural 50km 80km round trip        200km round trip 200km round trip
General Assistance Arrange for alternate transport at clients cost and relay urgent messages yes yes yes yes
Car Hire
More than 100km from home
no yes Up to $550/claim Inclusive of Accommodation Up to $770/claim Inclusive of Accommodation
More than 100km from home
no yes Up to $550/claim Inclusive of Car Hire Up to $770/claim Inclusive of Car Hire
Ambulance Cover no yes no no
Tows per breakdown 1 1 2 2
Passenger transport - up to 4 passengers no no yes yes
Vehicle Recovery - when more than 100km from home no no yes yes
Trailor / Caravan towing no no yes yes
Locksmith no no 1/yr Max $165 1/yr Max $165
Taxi no no Max $55 Max $55
Car Hire - Metro no yes no 3 Days
($110 daily limit)
Annual Limits - - - 1st yr = $1500
Yrs 2-4 = $2000
Yr 5 = $3000
Personal Cover
(Cover member in any eligible vehicle even if they are not the drive or owner)
- - - yes

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